At last, two poker giants found each other, Olivia "Liv" Boeree and the PokerStars Pro website. PokerStars Pro, one of the most famous poker websites on the internet has recently won Liv Boeree to the team.

The 26-year Liv Boeree, with all her specials; the beauty, the electric guitar player, the No Limit Hold'em specialist and card game lover, has earned physics degree from the University of Manchester in Astrophysics. She loves exams but hates homework and her grades in Math's, Biology and Physics were always 'A'.

Among her hobbies, Liv Boeree likes adventure sports such as rafting, rock climbing and skiing; and roller coasters and tornados are of course her favorite leisure time sports.

Liv Boeree's relationship with PokerStars starts when she attended the PokerStars European Poker Tour, the San Remo Main Event in April, and won the top price of $1,698,000.

Receiving the invitation to join the PokerStars team, Liv Boeree replied that it is more than honor to accept such an invitation. She felt as if she was touching the stars because it was her life dream to have this chance.

Her story with poker started in 2005 when she joined the" Showdown" reality TV show, which was aired on the British TV. As her role was as a contestant, experts such Annie Duke, Phil Helmut and Dave 'the Devilfish' Ulliott trained her which certainly left a big influence on her poker expertise. The idea of the program was to train five poker players in order to contest with each other.

After departing from the TV show, she worked as a poker reporter at the tournament circuit for various media groups; she, for example, hosted Challenge TV coverage about the EPT. As a respected poker player, she won the top price of $19,000 at Caesars Palace in 2007. Another big cash chance came to her way by winning a $30K at the 2008 Ladbrokes European Ladies Championships. In the same year, Liv Boeree earned more money from poker in two contests; in the 2008 World Series of Poker she finished 49th in the $2000 Pot Limit Hold'em event for, and 64th in the Mixed Limit Hold'em poker event for $2,793.

Another rich year was 2009 when she earned $23,000 in the WPT prelim event and got the 37th in the main event with a $41K price. Liv Boeree is now a rich poker player with a total earning of about $2,000,000. By joining PokerStars team, it will be a good chance for Liv Boeree to advance more in her career. Moreover, the PokerStars, the successful poker website will certainly gain more popularity through having her in their team of well-known poker specialists.

Liv Boeree is still very single, but the line at her door is getting longer by the minute. Good luck to Liv for a long poker career full of tournament winnings.


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