If you do not know who Olivia "Liv" Boeree is, have you been living under a rock :)


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As Liv Boeree is a sexy rising star in the male dominate world of poker. After her amazing number one result at the European Poker Tour stop in Italy at San Remo, it is now clear that Olivia is more than a gorgeous young British lady.


Born in 1984 in England, Liv Boeree as a degree in physics from the University of Manchester


Liv Boeree majored in physics but her life took a dramatic when she learned poker on a reality TV show sponsored by online poker room Ultimate Bet.




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Liv prevailed over a large field of 1,240 players and won the EPT San Remo.


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This is the largest ever tournament in the EPT series and she received an astonishing first prize of €1,250,000.


Liv Boeree has joined the team of poker pros at prestigious online poker room Ultimate Bet.


Liv Boeree is still single, so if you like what you see on these pictures why not becoming a poker pro like her and you will certainly get a chance to seat next to her one day.


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