If you do not know who Olivia "Liv" Boeree is, then obviously you are not following poker on the television or on the Internet. As Liv Boeree is a sexy rising star in this male chauvinistic world of poker. And her amazing success at the EPT San Remo has been extensively covered in every poker website on the Web.

Yes many of the old-school male poker players on the circuit do not give much credit to their good looking female opponents. And this is how some of these women get very successful at the game of poker, by striking their opponents when they expect it less. Among the other hot female poker pros, Annie Duke (Ultimate Bet), Vanessa Rousso (PokerStars), Liz Lieu (ChiliPoker) and Annette Obrestad (Betfair) are the most famous ones. And now Liv is joining their ranks.

Born in 1984 in England, Liv Boeree was raised in a middle class family and attended the University of Manchester to major in astrophysics. She is not alone in this pedigree, in fact a scientific education is sometimes a nice preparation for a career in poker. Just to take two examples of science Ph.D.s, Chris Ferguson the 2000 WSOP main event winner has a Ph.D. in computer science from UCLA and poker luminary Michael Binger who finished 3rd at the 2006 WSOP main event as a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford.

Liv Boeree majored in physics and she is a constant reminder that looks and brains can coexist. She started playing poker in a very unusual manner as she participated in reality TV show "Ultimatebet.com Showdown" where she was taught the game's subtleties by none other than poker superstar Phil Hellmuth himself, while live on the TV. To be honest you could hardly find a better mentor so her training was perfect. The rest is history as her recent victory of the EPT San Remo for the incredible first prize of €1,250,000 establishes her as a force to be reckoned with in the male dominated world of poker.

Liv prevailed over a large field of 1,240 players who paid the entry fee of €5,000+€300 to get a seat at the Italian EPT event, which turned out to be the biggest EPT ever. And she did not pay full price to join the tournament as she won her seat at a €500 satellite tourney. What a perfect conjunction of luck and skill for Liv, the culmination of many hours of studying and practicing the game.

Liv Boeree has joined the team of poker pros at prestigious online poker room Ultimate Bet. But Liv has many other talents beyond physics and poker. She was a television presenter covering poker events for the British television, a model and a spokesperson for an online poker room (Absolute Poker). She is an accomplished guitar player and her favorite style of music is hard rock. And she loves and excels at sports, including skiing and boxing.

Liv Boeree is still single, but the line at her door is getting longer every day. Good luck to Liv for a long poker career.


This is a Liv Boeree fan site, not authorized or endorsed by Liv Boeree. As Liv Boeree is our favorite female poker player and model, we had to show our appreciation.