Of course, it is not always clear who the fish are is it? Sometimes it is them, and sometimes it is me (am I being modest?). In the first hand that I recently played at pokerstars, I have got a field of four down to a total of four collective outs, one ace, and three kings - they have also got some wacky straight draws, but whatever. I thought about smooth calling preflop and looking for a good flop. But inspired by some recent reading of Sklansky, I decided to reraise preflop. At least it was the ace that hit on the flop. Even though it is tempting to bet here, because I will have odds to draw to my 2 outer if raised, I took the free card in hopes of hitting a miracle on the turn.

In the second hand, I am three betting preflop and raising the flop with AT-high into aces. When I hit my 'safety' card on the turn (a ten which pairs me) I check, knowing that I am in that sweet spot of being well ahead or well behind. The miracle ten hits the river and I get to bet and my poor opponent, a player that I seem to outdraw constantly, gets to swear at me in the comfort of her own home.

The third hand is a pretty classic situation. You have raised with King-high as a steal, get three bet, and the flop comes AKx. What do you do? Sklansky says you should play it passivly. You could easily be crushed, but you might be against someone putting action in with a smaller pocket pair. Of course, when I rivered trips I hoped that I had been against a not-too-big Ace instead of the sevens that my opponent actually held.

For the fourth hand there are three key point with this hand:
1) I am playing against a loose/tricky fit-or-folder who over bets his hands. Very, very difficult to know where you stand against such players. I have no clue if I am ahead or behind on the flop and the turn. But there is no way I am folding here.
2) When you are behind with an overpair, you are usually not too far behind when the board is not scary. In this case I have got 8 outs, exactly where I thought I would be if I were behind. The problem is, it is hard to know which of the board pairs is safe. Remember, loose/tricky fitter here.
3) The river raise is not automatic against most players. Against some it is, against others you are raising into a full house. It is important to know who you are against. Here, it is hard to say where I am at, which means I may as well raise (and call the reraise).

Just some ramblings, any I love to play the $50/$100 at Pokerstars, lot's of action there.

Liv Boeree is still very single, but the line at her door is getting longer by the minute. Good luck to Liv for a long poker career full of tournament winnings.


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