Liv wins the EPT San Remo

San Remo

Liv Boeree made her first victory at a large live tournament in April 2010 at the EPT San Remo. But this is not any prize, and most poker players would dream to achieve such a milestone: € 1.25 million, which is around $1.75 million. Not bad for a few hours work!

Olivia has had other poker successes since, so this is proof that this was not luck, but skill. And this confirms that behind her good looks there is also a good brain if anyone was still having doubt. By the way this result greatly helped her get pokerstars endorsement, especially as pokerstars created and sponsors the EPT series.

The number of players to invest the €5000+€300 entry fee was was 1240 to form the biggest main event of the season with a prize pool of €6,014,000. There were 8 Europeans plus one Russian at the final table, including two Italians. The bubble started at the 184th place, earning € 7,500 which would pay the entry fee and hotel accomodation and leave a little of spare cash to enjoy this beautiful Italian sea resort.

Liv Boeree was only the third woman to win an EPT title when she prevailed in this event. Bravo, Liz, keep up the good work.

A major tourist destination since the late nineteenth century, San Remo is still a classy but expensive place to stay in Liguria, Italy. Liguria is the Italian part just next to France on the Mediterranean Sea, so geographically it is an extension of the French Riviera, and it has many of its features, except people mostly speak Italian there instead of French, and you will eat more pasta and less baguette.

Elegant stucco villas, casinos, art nouveau style and surprisingly a Russian Orthodox Church are some of the attractions you will encounter while walking on the beach having a promenade along the palm trees. Away from sea, the medieval district of La Pigna is for lovers of history who come to see the Duomo and Via Palazzo, with their charming narrow winding streets. The town castle is named Piazza Castello with some remains of its ancient fortifications and the sanctuary of the Madonna della Costa, with the throne above the altar.

Liv Boeree is still single, but the line s so long it goes around her block. Good luck to Liv for a long poker career full of tournament profit.


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