How to play Big Slick

Ace King (AKA Big Slick) is the 4th best hand in texas holdem (behind aces, kings and queens). Big Slick is a premium hand, no doubt about it, however it remains a hand that a lot of people lose big pots with. I'll be looking into the odds of AK suited and offsuit making you some cash.

Odds of being dealt Big Slick

Here are the odds of getting dealt big slick

Due to the higher possiblity of hitting a flush, ace king suited is a stronger hand that ace king offsuit.

Big Slick Versus The World

Using some pot odds calculator, I have noted below the odds of ace king offsuit and ace king suited against some example hands. I have used the same example hands for both ace king suited and ace king offsuit. All of the odds below assume that both players are in a heads up or all in scenario seeing all 5 cards.

First up we have

Ace King Suited Odds