This is a Liv Boeree fan site, not authorized or endorsed by Liv Boeree. As Liv Boeree is our favorite female poker player and model, we took the liberty to gather all the material we could find about her here. It is quite amazing to see gorgeous young ladies becoming poker superstars like Vanessa Rousso or Annette Obrestad. And Liv Boeree belongs to this league as was confirmed by her victory at the EPT San Remo.

Liv Boeree majored in physics and she is a contant reminder that looks and brains can coexist. She started playing poker in a very unusual manner as she participated in reality TV show " Showdown" where she was taught the game's subleties by none other than poker superstar Phil Hellmuth himself. The rest is history as her recent victory of the EPT San Remo for the incredible first prize of €1,250,000 establishes her as a force to be reckoned in the male dominated world of poker.

After UB Poker, Liv became a sponsored pro at Pokerstars. This was good timing as she made the switch before Black Friday and the subsequent collapse of Ultimate Bet. There is no pokerstars rakeback but they are the ones who invented online poker VIP programs. Rakeback seems to be a thing of the past with the demise of Full Tilt which used to be the major player in this field. So if you play a lot of poker hands, pick a room with a good VIP system.